Black Menubar Icons

I'm an avid user of Bartender, the utility that hides all the menubar icons in a dropdown menu and cleans up the menubar considerably.

I hide every app in that bar aside from Clock, Fantastical and Bartender itself. It's a clean layout, and with the option to temporarily show active apps in the menubar, and hiding them a when passive, everything I need to see stays visible.


But there's one app that's bothering me, even when hidden. Dropbox. Where the entire menubar is black, that icon is blue-da-be-di-blue all the time. So, for a long while now, I've gone into the apps preferences, and changed the default view into black.

I'm so used to that view now, that I often find myself commenting on other people's use of a default blue icon. And since many people don't know you can change this behaviour: here's how you do it:


TextExpander is another favourite menubar app of mine. It's always hidden in Bartender's dropdown, but still blueish in color. Luckily you can change it too:


And one day after I wrote this article, Dropbox apparently updated its app with a blue icon to show that something has changed. Damn.