Binge Reading

Belgium isn't a very big country, but I've still managed to have a couple of great friends spread across the country living in different provinces. We've known each other for years, and based on a shared passion for Star Wars, movies and general geekdom, we meet up a couple of times a year for a movie, a couple of pints and just enjoying being with friends.

Online platforms, Twitter and email make up a lot of our daily contact, but nothing compares to a good pint and a good chat.

As a movie fan, I don't only enjoy watching them on the big screen, and although movie prices seem to go up from month to month, seeing a movie at the movies is still a way better experience than seeing it at home. Noisy neighbours, falling popcorn and slurping coke aside, that is. So yesterday my friends and I met up again, for a dose of summer blockbuster entertainment. Star Trek Into Darkness.

If anyone had told my teenager me I would go see a Star Trek movie, he'd probably start laughing, but nevertheless, the combination of modern effects, JJ Abrams characters and the idea of just enjoying an enjoyable movie that wouldn't expect me to really think about it, s still a good feeling.

These last years, movie trailers are more and more turning into shortened versions of the entire storyline, and thus, have spoiled many surprising movie moments for me. So this for a year now, I've kinda decided for myself to ignore any trailer, review, preview or article on a movie I wan't to see. But most of these articles provide an in-depth insight into the movie, being it an interview with the director, analysis, comparison with the comic it's based on and so on.

Not wanting to lose these insights, I've kinda started the habit of archiving all these articles into a giant Read-it-later archive, tagged per movie. Which means that I don't lose the articles, can go to the movie with a clear mind and without any (massive) prior knowledge, and that I end up with a shitload of words to read when and if I've finally gotten the chance seen the movie.

Which brings me back to my friends. Because we live in different corners of the country, going to a movie with them involved at least a one hour train ride to get there and back again. Similar to commuting to my job, I don't really mind these free hours. They provide me with guaranteed idle time where I'm not disturbed. So yesterday, after watching Star Trek, reflecting on the movie and life with my friends, I got on the train and dove right into my Reading List.

One hour to catch up on the movie, read interviews with Abrams, see why others either loved or hated it. It's binge reading and it has gradually become a habit. A fun habit.

Next week I'm going to see Man of Steel. And the articles are already waiting for me.

As for Star Trek: It's probably the best Star Wars movie in years.. But it's still Star Trek. Enough said.